Southern California Section

President's Message

We at WCDG/AOAC are proud to present important regulatory and science topics for the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device and Nutraceutical industries.

We strongly believe that our industries will all prosper if they understand the regulations and have continued education and training, which is what we have intended to do throughout the last fifteen years.  

We use the FDA platform to invite the industries to gather with individuals who are seriously engaged in establishing regulations, as well as scientists from both the academic and the industry side to explain and interpret the regulations.  

We have been fortunate all these years to have the FDA accommodate us and promotes the idea of educating the industries. Having face to face discussions and dialogue on science and the industries has been understood and appreciated by them.  

Recently, there has been some changes in the regulations which affect the Drug, Medical Device, and Biological industries. We have been working on presenting these new regulations to the industry by inviting some of the most effective individuals who have been involved in establishing these regulations.  

I strongly encourage you to take this valuable opportunity to come to the FDA site and become more involved with the WCDG/AOAC community and become a part of this noble cause. Please join us, not only as a member, but as someone who would dedicate their time to bring better topics from their industry for presentation.
The Scientific Association Dedicated to Analytical Excellence