Southern California Section
Executive Committee

Sumit Sen, Ph.D.

(949) 608-292 seven
E-Mail: Sumit.Sen at

Yan-Bo Yang, Ph.D.

BioPharmaDev, Inc.
(949) 838-716 one
E-Mail: ybyang at 

Gina Zhang, Ph.D.


Medtronic Diabetes 

(818) 576-549 zero

E-Mail: gina.zhang at   

Swati Rawat, Ph.D.

Irvine Pharmaceuticals Services
E-Mail: rawatswati25 at


​Ranil Fernando, Ph.D.
BioScreen Testing Services 
(310) 214-004 three
​E-Mail: ranil at

Bobette Frye
Waters Corporation
‭(714) 606-590 seven
E-Mail: bobette_frye at

​Mitchell Herbel
BioScreen Testing Services 
​E-Mail: Mitchell.Herbel at

Web Master

Hugang Ren, Ph.D.

Email: Hugang.Ren at

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